Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Shot Rang Out, and In Walked Dirk...

Tall, handsome, with curly brown...no, wait, make that straight blond hair.

But maybe he's not that tall. I mean, Johnny Depp is only five foot ten. But if Dirk looks like Johnny Depp--swarthy, mysterious--then he ought to have dark, curly hair.

Okay, it's dark brown. Medium-length. Curly.

What's Dirk/Johnny wearing, though? Red flannel shirt and jeans...or a smooth-cut tuxedo? Think...(Taps chin thoughtfully).

Got it! He's in board shorts. Tanned, shirtless, showing off those Oh-my-God-are-those-photoshopped-abs. In fact he looks just like Matthew McConaughey; rumpled, unshaven, fresh off a surfboard and ready for a roll in the sand.

Except McConaughey's tall, which means Dirk/Matthew has to be tall...and blond. But at least he'll get to keep his longish, curly hair.

Although it would look nice short, like Daniel Craig's. And maybe with eyes like his...pure ice.

Dirk/Daniel has blue eyes, definitely.


In the end, when we think about fictional heroes, is it really their hair/eye color/build we remember? I say NO (except, maybe, in the case of McConaughey's abs.)

When I think about Depp, it's his sensuality I remember. And the way he talks--stringing his words together in loose abandon, like he's had a few pints. He listens, brings you roses. He's a long, slow weekend--with room service.

McConaughey, on the other hand, is a day at the gym. Lots of sweat and charm...and testosterone to burn. He's lovely--like a gladiator on display--but exhausting. And, like the gym, a few hours goes a long way.

Daniel Craig--the newest Bond--is harder to pin down, because there's a vulnerability beneath that stony exterior. He's a visit to the Louvre, followed by an intense, public argument that leads the best make-up sex you've ever had. And, while you're sure it's not going to last, you can't imagine living without him.

Now, a quiz: What does Dirk look like? (No peeking!)

Next question: In the second part, how many physical adjectives did I use to describe Depp, McConaughey, and Craig? (No, don't look. Just think!)

Okay, I went back and checked. We settled on short blond hair and blue eyes for Dirk, and I counted two adjectives: lovely (McConaughey) and stony (Craig)--neither of which describe hair, eye color, or build.

So maybe when I write about Dirk...

...I shouldn't worry about the color of his eyes.

Cheers...and Happy Writing!


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